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Futurama Holiday Spectacular (HD, TV-14) When the holiday season finally arrives, Bender and the Planet Express crew learn the real truth about three different celebration narratives.
Futurama A Tale of Two Santas (HD, TV-14) The Planet Express crew infiltrates Santa's workshop in an effort to destroy the mean-spirited robot and bring back the joyous holiday spirit from Fry's time.
American Dad! Jack's Back (HD, TV-14) Stan admits that his father never taught him to ride a bike, and Steve tries to help; Hayley works as a bartender in Roger's makeshift attic bar.
American Dad! Bar Mitzvah Hustle (HD, TV-PG) Steve's friend is accused of stealing a kid's bar mitzvah money, putting him in jeopardy; Stan and Francine pitch a cell phone idea but can't deliver.
Family Guy Stuck Together, Torn Apart (TV-14) Peter's jealousy reaches its peak when going with Lois to the gynecologist, who prepares to examine Lois, but Peter refuses to let him near her.
American Dad! Wife Insurance (HD, TV-14) Francine worries about Stan after he is kidnapped, then gets angry after he returns home and tells her of his plan to marry his dentist if she were to die.

AHL Hockey Iowa Wild at Chicago Wolves from Allstate Arena

Wonder Woman The Boy Who Knew Her Secret Part 1 (TV-G) Diana Prince comes to a small suburban town to investigate some strange alien activity; a child watches her become Wonder Woman, and knows her secret.
Star Trek Balance of Terror (TV-G) After several outposts are destroyed, the Enterprise pursues a vessel belonging to the Romulans, the Federation's ancient enemy.
I Saw What You Did (TV-PG, NR, ***) While making prank calls one night, saying "I saw what you did," two girls accidentally catch the attention of a murderer who believes they caught him.

Perry Mason The Case of the Wayward Wife (TV-PG) A best-selling author's book about his experience as a POW is nothing more than a sham and someone is threatening to expose him unless he coughs up the dough.
The Untouchables The Purple Gang An unruly gang of criminals specializing in small-time kidnapping attempt to hold an antique shop owner for ransom, but they find that he works for the mob.
The Untouchables Man Killer (TV-PG) Eliot Ness and the Untouchables have successfully shut down most of Chicago's narcotics trade, thanks to a series of anonymous tips.

« Setup (TV-14, R, **) Three friends plan a high-stakes heist, but one of them is forced to team up with a dangerous crime boss when a member of the group betrays the others.
Savage Sisters (TV-14, *+) Revolutionaries plan on stealing the $1 million a corrupt General plans on smuggling but are let down when a crook they are working with crosses them.
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