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King of the Hill Wings of the Dope (TV-14) After convincing her family that she saw Buckley's angel on a trampoline, Luanne discovers that he isn't much better dead than he was alive.
King of the Hill Take Me out of the Ball Game (TV-14) In a local softball league, Thaterton stacks his team with pro athletes, leading Hank to pull Peggy off her team to serve as Strickland Propane's ace pitcher.
Family Guy Three Kings (TV-14) Peter imagines himself and his friends in three of Stephen King's stories; an injured Brian is rescued by his biggest fan; Peter and Cleveland bond in prison.
Family Guy Peter's Progress (TV-14) A psychic reveals that Peter had a past life as a dignified gentleman in 17th century England and the colony of Quahog, where King Stewart reigned supreme.
Mike & Molly Dennis's Birthday (HD, TV-14) Mike's mother, Peggy, is not prepared for the type of surprise she experiences when she decides that she wants to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday.
Mike & Molly Mike in the House (HD, TV-14) When Mike decides to move in with Molly and her family, he has to adjust from his life living by himself in a bachelor pad to a house full of women.

« High School Football Brother Rice Crusaders at Loyola Academy Ramblers Highlights and the latest news from recent matchups are showcased, as commentators and expert analysts break down key moments and plays of featured games.
Pawn Stars Help Wanted (HD, TV-PG) Sellers have a rare triple-barreled firearm made by famous European gunsmiths and antique children's piggy banks of cast iron; the guys must hire a new broker.
Chicago Football Now
Sheriffs El Dorado County (HD, New, TV-14) Cameras follow the deputies and officers of the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department as they contend with dangerous situations while on patrol.
Sheriffs El Dorado County (HD, New, TV-14) Cameras follow the deputies and officers of the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department as they contend with dangerous situations while on patrol.

The Rifleman Young Man's Fancy (TV-G) Mark learns a heart-aching lesson in first love as the girl he has fallen deeply for does not return his feelings, and has eyes for someone else.
The Rifleman The Man from Salinas (TV-G) Rudy Gray ruins banker John Hamilton's plans of closing the bank at the end of the day by storming in and demanding money from him at gunpoint.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Fugitives (TV-G) Agents Jim West and Artemus Gordon track down a man accused of murder only to discover he has been hired as a bookkeeper for an infamous crime organization.
Wonder Woman The Girl from Islandia (TV-G) A newspaper man finds mysterious young girl on a raft while he is on his yacht; Diane finds that the girl is wearing a rare form of jewelry.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys The Wrong Path (TV-G) Hercules, the half-god son of Zeus, witnesses the murder of his beloved wife and sons by his evil stepmother, Hara, and vows to avenge their deaths.
Renegade Endless Summer (TV-PG) Reno gets involved with a group of surfers who like to live dangerously and risk their lives by stealing profits from a sadistic drug-smuggling cartel.
Hunter Dead on Target, Part 1 (TV-PG) Hunter and McCall are assigned to investigate the apparent suicide of an old friend of Hunters from the Vietnam war and they uncover a twenty-year-old betrayal.

« Crash (TV-14, R, ***+) Individuals from different social and ethnic backgrounds have their judgment and actions tested by prejudice in post-9/11 Los Angeles.
Torque (TV-14, PG-13, *+) After being framed for murder by a rival gang leader, a biker must elude the police and two motorcycle gangs to make it to Los Angeles and clear his name.
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