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« Cheaters Juanisha Richard; Michael 'Chance' Harper (Repeat, TV-14) Suspicious lovers enlist the help of a camera crew to dig up dirt on the partners they suspect of cheating and then confront them with the evidence.
2 Broke Girls And the High Hook-Up (HD, TV-14) Max decides to begin dating her attractive new co-worker, Nashit, despite Joe's strict "no hook-up" rule for all of the employees at The High.
2 Broke Girls And The Taste Test (HD, TV-14) Max and Caroline are horrified by the bridesmaids' dresses that Sophie picked out for them, so they turn to the diner gang for help in getting rid of them.
Seinfeld The Dinner Party (HD, TV-PG) The gang struggles to find gifts for a dinner party; Jerry and Elaine have trouble at a bakery when they lose their number; George shows off a fluffy coat.
Seinfeld The Pie (HD, TV-PG) Jerry can't believe that his girlfriend won't share a piece of pie with him; Elaine obsesses over a store mannequin that closely resembles her.
The King of Queens Cowardly Lyin' (HD, TV-PG) Doug confesses to Carrie that he frequently lies or simply keeps the truth from her in order save himself from her infamous wrath.

Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Poetic Justice (TV-14, R, **+) A spoken word artist in mourning over her recently deceased boyfriend is drawn into a romance with a mailman whose tough exterior hides a romantic soul.
Beverly Hills Cop III (TV-MA, R, **+) Detroit cop Axel Foley sets out to find his boss' murderer and winds up back in L.A. at the site of a giant theme park that's a front for a counterfeiting ring.

M*A*S*H Images (TV-PG) Radar thinks that getting a tattoo will make him irresistible to women, and a new nurse has difficulty adjusting to work at the 4077th.
The Odd Couple Two on the Aisle (TV-G) Oscar fills in for the theater critic for the newspaper but he knows very little about the subject and he asks Felix, an expert, to help him.
The Honeymooners Please Leave the Premises (TV-G) Ralph rages over a new $5 rent increase and stages a strike, but he is the only one to stand firm when the landlord cuts off the power and heat in retaliation.
Cheers Grease (TV-PG) Norm starts a petition to save his favorite restaurant, the Hungry Heifer; Sam gleefully points out that Robin is doing community service by picking up trash.
The Bob Newhart Show Jerry Robinson Crusoe (TV-G) After renewing his romance with a free-spirited old flame, Jerry decides to leave his dental practice behind and move to Tahiti with the new love.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Will Mary Richards Go to Jail? (TV-G) Mary faces possible legal consequences after she published a controversial story and refuses to reveal the name of her source to local authorities.

« Star Trek: The Next Generation Loud as a Whisper (TV-PG) The Enterprise is tasked with transporting a renowned mediator who is also deaf to a dangerous planet for a series of peace negotiations.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rivals (TV-PG) A con artist comes into possession of a device that controls fortune, and competes with Quark; O'Brien attempts to keep up with Dr. Bashir in racquetball.
Star Trek: Voyager Threshold (TV-PG) Tom Paris is successful in breaking the warp barrier, but on returning from his historic flight he falls ill and begins to mutate into something else.
Star Trek: Enterprise A Night in Sickbay (TV-PG) When Archer shows symptoms of stress the crew suspects that it is due to Porthos' illness, but Dr. Phlox has suspicions of his own.

« Jumpin' Jack Flash (TV-14, R, **) A computer operator at a bank receives a coded message from an unknown source telling her he is a spy who needs her to save his life from the KGB.
House Party (TV-14, R, **+) When his parents leave town and place him in charge of the house, a teen and his best friend plan to impress the ladies by throwing a wild house party.
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